Aloe Vera Mallorca - Products

  • Aloe Vera Day Cream

    Lotion with a valuable oil (compound bone and avocado grape). It also contains vitamin A and E. [...]

  • Aloe Vera Moisturiser

    High quality moisturizer with vitamin A and E, Panthenol and jojoba oil. The interesting jojoba [...]

  • Aloe Vera Night Cream

    Abundant night cream with valuable oils, shea butter and vitamin complex. Because the shea butter, [...]

  • Aloe Vera Anti-Aging Cream

    Serum Anti-Aging exclusive for reducing wrinkles, hyaluronic acid, oligopeptide, vitamins, mineral [...]

  • Aloe Vera Massage oil

    This oil is ideal for daily after shower or sauna. It is made with almond oil, olives and roses, [...]

  • Aloe Vera Emulsion

    This product acts as a tranquilizer for demanding skin. Due to their valuable ingredients, this [...]

  • Aloe Vera Body Lotion

    Body Lotion regenerative with healing oils, Panthenol, Shea Butter and Vitamin A and E. This valuable [...]

  • Aloe Vera Hand Cream

    Valuable cream with olive oil, Panthenol and vitamin A and E. This scented product is quickly absorbed [...]

  • Aloe Vera Foam mask

    Mask moisturizing and healing rice oil, Panthenol and wheat proteins. This fragrant and refreshing [...]

  • Aloe vera after sun

    Moisturizing lotion, cooling and healing for the whole body, with vitamin A and E, and Panthenol. Panthenol [...]

  • Aloe Vera Shower Gel

    Refreshing and protective shower gel with aloe Vera & Panthenol. With its fresh scent cleans and [...]

  • Aloe Vera Shampoo

    This product provides a clean hair with wheat proteins. This gentle shampoo Aloe Vera has a fresh [...]

  • Aloe Vera Shaving Foam

    Protective foam for a gentle shave with Allantoin and Panthenol. Shaving foam and cream with fresh [...]

  • Aloe Vera Lip balm

    Intensive moisturizing care. The lip balm aloe vera moisturizes dry lips and lasting intensively. No [...]

  • Body butter from Aloe Vera and Noni

    Due to its healthy ingredients, Aloe Vera butter lotion with cocos nucifera oil and beeswax, is [...]

  • Aloe Vera Facial cleansing Gel

    Wet the face, foam through circular motions on it and then wash it. Dermatologically tested. Without [...]

  • Aloe Vera Facial Tonic

    Application: Shake before use. Apply on a cotton pad and rub your face with it. Dermatologically [...]

  • SOS - Aloe Vera emergency spray

    Instant remedy for damaged skin that helps in cleaning wounds and preventing infections. [...]

  • Aloe Vera Care

    Get a discount on each of this products! [...]