The aloe vera majorca farm

Our farm is about 40 hectares. We raise and care for our Aloe plants. Our 200,000 plants must have at least five years, before harvesting the leaves. A plant needs at least 2,000 hours of sunshine during the year to get juice nutrients.

We invite everyone to a free tour where you can get an overall impression about our 100% organic cultivation and manufacturing of our products.

Why our Aloe Vera products?

100% BIO Premium Quality

We guarantee the best quality, due to manual production as raw materials are biological content. Our cosmetic products are certified by DERMATEST.

Optimal Climate

The typical climate of Majorca island benefits our Aloe Vera Barbadensis plants. Tests have revealed that this climate is optimal for the development of the plant.


The Aloe Vera needs about 2,000 hours of sunshine annually in order to develop their active substances. The harvested leaves are processed the same day to make the most of the active substances.

Aloe Vera Mallorca Team

Nico Genç Distribution Executive and technical adviser Aloe Vera
Annett Dorn Logistics. Aloe Vera German trade.
Ralph Bauer Aloe Vera trading adviser
Magdalena Moragues Pico Aloe Vera trading adviser
Elis Aloe Vera trading adviser
Seydina Diagne Aloe Vera plantation- grower
Ibrahima Mbodji Aloe Vera plantation- grower